We Moved to New Headquarters

We built our new Headquarters building, which we moved to in June 2020, on our values of transparency, simplicity, trust, creativity, happiness-oriented and desire to succeed. The completely glass exterior of our new building is transparency, the open office concept is trust; Clean Desk, Clean Office application simplicity; It represents our values of happiness oriented and creativity.

Employees’ desire to succeed is the value that keeps the company alive. We believe that the desire to succeed, which increases our competitive power and carries our company to the point we aim for, will be strengthened with the new office, healthy and happy working environment.

We created a democratic operation in which our employees had a say in the process before we moved to our new building. In addition, this committee also created the content of the Living Together Manifesto, which includes the usage rules of our building. We believe that all these efforts make our employees feel at home in our new Headquarters building.



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