CAYAK A.Ş. Since 1965, it has been maintaining its leadership in the sector with its qualified human resources that have focused on corporate values. CAYAK A.Ş.; It has achieved success in every step it takes with its human resources that make a difference for its customers, believe in the power of the team, act fairly and respectfully, add value to the society and the environment, and constantly improve itself and norms. Our human resources consist of talents who dream of going beyond the determined standards, constantly questioning in order to improve their processes, developing innovative processes and approaches, thinking creatively, constantly improving themselves, researching, wondering, acting ethically, being impartial and fair, sharing information, and respectful. we aim.

CAYAK A.Ş. As one of our most important goals; CAYAK A.Ş. is specialized in its field, has a professional understanding of work, is dynamic, has high development potential and motivation, attaches importance to teamwork and It is the acquisition of individuals who can adopt the values of the organization and take the necessary actions to bring them to life. It is always essential for us to evaluate the right talent in the right position, in this direction CAYAK A.Ş. The Talent Pool is kept up to date throughout the year and our Human Resources team continues to work to discover talents throughout the year.

In our recruitment process, the job description of the position and the qualifications sought enable us to design our evaluation process. All or some of the following evaluation tools can be applied to evaluate the suitability of our newly graduated and experienced candidates for the position.

  • Personality Inventory
  • General Ability Test
  • English Placement Exam / English Interview
  • Competency Based Interview
  • Manager Interview / Professional Interview
  • Assessment Center Applications

At the end of our evaluation process, reference checks of our eligible candidates are carried out, and job offers are made to candidates who pass each stage and are evaluated as suitable for the position by both our Human Resources team and the relevant Department Manager. We are aware of the importance of informing the candidates about the steps of the process and the results of the evaluation in the recruitment processes. For this reason, we inform our candidates about each position we have concluded via e-mail.

We offer internship opportunities to university students in the summer term and to vocational high school students in the winter term, with the awareness that this will create our candidate pool in the future, and we enable them to get to know the business environment closely while they are still students. We provide university students with the opportunity to do internships in the relevant department in line with the education they receive, and we enable them to work on projects to improve our processes so that they can evaluate from a different perspective.

We conduct an Employee Opinion Survey every year in order to measure the satisfaction and commitment of our employees on various issues related to their job and company. In line with the results of the survey, we establish action committees consisting of our employees from all levels, and implement the action plans prepared for the areas targeted for improvement by the action committees.

performance management system

With our Performance Management System, we aim to increase the performance of our employees by enabling them to turn to targets parallel to the company targets. While we reduce company targets to departments and employees at the beginning of each year, we contribute to our employees’ understanding of how they contribute to the big picture with individual targets.

open positions

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Process Development Specialist İkitelli, İstanbul 14 January 2022
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